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Purevolume premiers The Bushwick Hotel's latest release, "Kristina".  Describing the song as "with the feel of a song that you listen to over beers and cigarette butts, "Kristina" bemoans a love that's long gone, and makes feeling bad sound so good."  “'Kristina' is an epic meditation on love lost and bad trips that marries the urgency and pain of '60s soul music with the lushness of a Beach Boys song," Greg Ferreira says of the tune.  Click on the link above to hear the song and read the full article on Purevolume.

"Show You the Way” is the first single off the new EP “Hard Times” from Brooklyn based band The Bushwick Hotel. The five members of the band, Gregory Ferreira; Matt LaVon; Rudy Temiz; Kenny Cintron; and Hitomi Nakmura Cintron, have crafted a song that is a flurry of sound and words.  Click on the link above for the whole story by Elizabeth Schneider of Impose Magazine. 


Brooklyn based rockers, The Bushwick Hotel, announce the release of their long awaited new EP, Hard Times.  The EP will be released on all major outlets on February 24th, 2017.  This dark and moody new work is the follow up to their debut album Graffiti of the Young Man's Mind released in 2013.  The band collaborated with producer and recording engineer Rich Crescenti and spent eight days in Fischer Texas recording at Firefly Sound Studio on classic gear delivering a classic sound with modern bombast.


The band teams up once again with frequent collaborator and filmmaker Dale Thomas Krupla for a fashion forward music video for their most somber track of the Graffiti of the Young Man's Mind album, Bittersweet.  On the same day the band double premieres thier new web series, Live By The Sword, also directed by Krupla.  Live By The Sword showcases live performances of bands curated, recorded, and filmed by members of The Bushwick Hotel in their recording studio, Live By The Sword. No overdubs. No punches. Just solid musicianship! Hear the bands the way they would sound live.  Click on the link above for the full story and feature by Kelly Knapp of NoiseLove.  The Band had a red carpet premiere for the new videos at Our Wicked Lady in Bushwick Brooklyn on November 19th.  Check out all the Bushwick Hotel videos on their YouTube Channel.

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